David Roditi on Building a Winning Team Culture

In this episode, 2024 TCU NCAA National Championship Coach David Roditi shares his insightful journey from being a professional tennis player to becoming one of the best collegiate tennis coaches in the country.

During this engaging conversation, David opens up about his experiences, thoughts on creating a dynamic culture, and how thinking differently produces different results on and off the court.

Some key highlights and takeaways:

  • “Culture is the environment you create.”
  • “The players are the ones who go out there and suffer and earn it.”
  • “You don’t deserve the titles if you’re not willing to put the work in.”
  • “The role of our captains is more of service, not power.”
  • “We want players to develop accountability, to own the good and the bad.”

Are you ready?…Let’s go!


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7-time NCAA championship coach and entrepreneur René Vidal helps leaders and organizations turn adversity into competitive advantage.