How to Overcome The Perfection Trap with Thomas Curran


What if your dirty little secret to success was no secret at all? “Perfectionists work unsustainably hard and burnout,” says Thomas Curran. In this episode of Down 40 Love, best-selling author Thomas Curran shares the latest science on the pitfalls of perfectionism and strategies for becoming happier and more successful in your life and work.

5 Big Ideas:

💡 Perfectionism is an extreme form of deficit thinking.

💡 Perfectionists believe they must manage impressions at every moment of the day to make sure other people like them.

💡 There is non-existent relationship between perfectionism and (high) performance.

💡 Success is about working smarter, not (necessarily) harder.

💡 Perfectionism is not doing what you think it’s doing—it’s actually holding you back more than it’s pushing you forward.

3 Strategies for Overcoming Perfectionism

🎯 Recognize that perfectionism is not going to contribute to success.

🎯 Push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

🎯 Be compassionate to yourself—treat yourself with kindness.

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