How to Reach the Mountaintop with USA National Coach Greg Patton


I thought I was spiritual until my conversation with Greg Patton.In this episode of Down 40 Love, USA National Collegiate Tennis Coach Greg Patton shares insights on the beauty of sports and life.”Down 40 Love means you’re on the brink of disaster, but you still have a way back.”–Greg PattonSpiritual Honey

🍯 The most important person in every story is the sage, the guide.

🍯 Every culture has play. That’s how we teach people to live life.

🍯 Spiritual joy is more important than material success.Peak Performance

📈 Anything worthwhile in life is not easy.

📈 People who make excuses will never reach the mountaintop.

📈 You won’t survive in any business if you’re not mindful.Down 40 Love Lessons

📓 Our lives and careers are shaped by chaos.

📓 Our greatest mentor is losses.

📓 True leaders welcome the obstacles.

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7-time NCAA championship coach and entrepreneur René Vidal helps leaders and organizations turn adversity into competitive advantage.