13 Ways to Differentiate Yourself

“Everyone should be really excellent.

Because this is our life.”

Steve Jobs

Differentiation understands that being better is no longer good enough. We create competitive advantage by leveraging our unique talents and putting our personal signature on everything we do. Here are 13 ways to develop your winning edge:


#1: Understand why you lost. Turn losses into lessons.

#2: Ask questions.

#3: Play to your strengths. (What are your best assets?)

#4: Bike or go for a light run post-competition.

#5: Do a “Bag Check.” Prepare everything you need to win.


#6: Send hand-written thank you notes.

#7: Clarify results before strategy.

#8: Communicate hard things privately.

#9: Anticipate needs.

 #10: Customize your reward program.


#11: Get grounded every day. (e.g., spend time in nature)

 #12: Don’t take yourself so seriously.

 #13: Schedule play time in your calendar.

Author’s Note: “Why 13?”

When I was 13 years-old, my father passed away from Diabetes. He was my greatest leader, mentor, and coach. The #13 reminds to me to stay committed to my vision of developing leaders on and off the court. What’s your number?-René Vidal