5 Steps to Build Resilience – 1:1 with Notre Dame Legendary Coach Bobby Bayliss

Over 44 years, Bobby Bayliss built a reputation as one of the top collegiate coaches in the country. To learn more, visit http://www.und.com.

Throughout my career, I’ve been honored to engage in many private conversations with Coach Bobby Bayliss. Most of our discussions center upon what it takes to be the best at your craft. Recently, Bobby shared his uníque insight on how to build a culture of mental toughness and resilience.

Mental toughness is the ability to handle adversity and focus on the task at hand.

Bobby Bayliss, University of Notre Dame

“5 Steps to Build Resilience”

#1: Stay true to yourself.

“Don’t let stress and adversity turn you into something you’re not,” says Bobby.

#2: Build your own confidence.

“Look back on past successes and draw strength from them. Remind yourself, ‘I’ve been here before.’

#3: Stretch yourself every day.

“I fill my day with goals. It’s important to always strive for something better.”

#4: Get feedback from others.

“We conduct anonymous player surveys. I ask, ‘What have I done that has helped us go forward or backward or that I can do better?’ I didn’t want to be in a world where I thought I was doing a good job and I wasn’t.”

#5: Move on to the next challenge.

“Don’t let the malaise of failure hang over you too long,” says Bobby. And remember the great quote from football coach Lou Holtz: “When you have problems, 90% of the people don’t care and the other 10% are glad you’ve got them.”

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