Do You Have a Big Goal?

“A goal is the ongoing pursuit of a worthy objective until accomplished.”

Les Hewitt

Whenever I begin a relationship with a client, in sports or business, the lead question is:

What’s your outcome?

It’s the absolute truth that “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

Face it – goals trip a lot of people up because it’s much easier to drift your way through life than to be self-directed, determined, and unbending.

Make Big Things Happen

In my leadership conversation with Kaldi’s Coffee Company co-founder Suzanne Langlois, she discussed the value of stretching the outer limits of one’s potential.

Next question: How far can you go?

As a successful leader, executive, or a high-potential team member who wants to continually raise the bar, here are 4 mental shifts you can make right now:

1. Commit to the process

Overnight success is a myth. It’s the “hours in the gym” that you don’t see that lead to verifiable mental and physical transformation.

2. Prepare for the journey

Like a flight taking off from muggy Las Vegas, you can expect more than a little turbulence on the path to a better place.

3. Focus on the majors

Author Stephen Covey may have said it best: “Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.”

4. Play the last point

In tennis, there’s no time limit. You play to win, make tactical adjustments, and compete “like crazy” until the very last point.

Win or lose, you know you’ve given your best.

It’s no different in business or any other worthwhile endeavor.

A six-time NCAA tennis champion, René Vidal is founder of Uníque Capacíty, an executive coaching and leadership development company. He also serves on the men’s tennis staff at WASHU in St. Louis, a perennial top 10 national program.