Leaders Never Lose Sight of This…

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

William Shakespeare

Steven Seagal was a proven Karate Guy living in “L.A.”.

So good that he couldn’t be ignored by the world’s greatest talent agent.

He signs an acting contract, makes hit action movies like Above the Law and Hard to Kill, and earns over $45 million.

Then Seagal has a “great idea.” He wants to be the next “Dustin Hoffman.” His agent says, “Stick with Aikido.”

Seagal leaves the agency, his career hits the mat, and he experiences the other side of Hollywood lore.

Lesson: Great leaders know what they don’t know.

CEO Barry Sternlicht calls them “Knuck-Knucks.” People who not only understand their core genius, but recognize the gaps in their game and take practical steps to fortify weaknesses.

“You’re not Dustin Hoffman.”

Seagal lost sight of his greatest talent.

Hubris is blind.

A six-time NCAA tennis champion, René Vidal is founder of Uníque Capacíty, an executive coaching and leadership development company. He also serves on the men’s tennis staff at WASHU in St. Louis, a perennial top 10 national program.

Contact: rene.vidal@uniquecapacity.org