Jumpstart Your Vision

“We don’t invent our mission; we detect it.”

Viktor Frankl

What made it possible for some people to survive when most died?

This was the curiosity question posed by Viktor Frankl, the Austrian psychologist who survived the death camps of Nazi Germany.

Frankl’s inquiry found that Future Vision was the single most vital factor for survival. Indeed, for those who survived, the fundamental driving force was the unshakable conviction that there was some important work left to do in the world.

The survivors developed the habit of seeing beyond their present circumstances.

It’s what leaders do.

“Vision is the lead domino to a productive life.”

René Vidal

At Unique Capacity, our research on the power of a compelling vision yields the following rewards:

  • Put first things first v. Majoring in minor things
  • Lead with passion and enthusiasm v. Lack of influence and impact
  • Follow your own inner imperatives and North Star v. People pleasing
  • Focus on the future, not the past v. Self-limiting beliefs

Exercise: 5 Vision Questions for Leaders and Teams

  1. What is my mission?
  2. What is my unique contribution?
  3. What do I want my legacy to be?
  4. How would I like my children to approach shaping and creating the future?
  5. What kind of leader do I want to be?

A six-time NCAA tennis champion and Stakeholder Centered Coach®, René Vidal is founder of Uníque Capacíty, an executive coaching and leadership development company. He also serves on the men’s tennis coaching staff at WASHU in St. Louis, a perennial top 10 national program.

Contact: rene.vidal@uniquecapacity.org