Dealing with Losses

Monday, July 8, 2024

“I was always naive enough to not know what I could not accomplish.”

Kevin Plank, Under Armour founder and executive chairman

Michael Jordan lost 366 times in his NBA career.

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, his very own company.

Wimbledon’s main draw singles tennis event consists of 128 players, 127 of which go home with a loss.

Beyond sports and business, life provides its fair share of defeats, rejection, and failures.

The question is: What are you learning?

Many people fail to reach their potential because they don’t respond well to loss.

  • They personalize defeat.
  • They let setbacks affect their self-worth.
  • They reject the lessons and takeaways.

Yet, if you pause to reflect on some of your toughest moments, you’ll find that they prepared you for greater things.

British statesman Winston Churchill said, “Success is going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.”

Persistence is the key. It’s the Down 40 Love mindset of resolving to turn every setback into a bounceback…and then some.

Coach Vidal’s Tip: Isolate your performance from your character.

This is what the pros do.

If you “hit the ball in the net,” you don’t suck–you simply need to aim a little higher.

Mistakes and losses are opportunities to learn.

You already have everything within you to succeed.

Are you ready?…Let’s go!

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7-time NCAA championship coach and entrepreneur René Vidal helps leaders and organizations turn adversity into competitive advantage.