Executive Coaching

René Vidal is one of the world’s most accomplished executive coaches. René’s clients are proven business executives, emerging leaders, and high-potential employees whose work is critically important to the organization. René’s coaching process is unique. He only gets paid after his clients get better!  “Better” is not defined by René or by his individual clients. “Better” means measurable positive change in pre-selected leadership behaviors as determined by pre-selected key stakeholders.

Our value proposition: Clients pay only for results.

René Vidal

Core Differentiation

  • Value Proposition. You pay for results—not time.
  • Coaching Culture. Others involved improve.
  • Efficiency. We cut waste out of coaching.
  • Proven Process. Marshall Goldsmith methodology—#1 in executive coaching.
  • Successful Track Record. 150 Fortune 500s use it with success.
  • Real Change. People who matter most take notice.
  • Measured Results. We survey at 5 and 11 months.

“René Vidal is the executive coach extraordinaire!”

Lisa Nichols, CEO at Technology Partners and Host, Something Extra Podcast

By working with René, we doubled our productivity.”

David Snodgrass, General Manager at Hygain Feeds USA

René Vidal unlocks the potential we all possess.”

Keith Darcy, Senior Advisor at Deloitte & Touche LLP