Executive Coaching

At Uníque Capacíty, we teach visionary companies and high-performance leaders how to leverage their greatest talent, empowering clients to build stronger cultures, achieve excellence, and create meaningful, unprecedented change. We’ve developed a distinct track record of success through our results-oriented leadership development programs and unconventional coaching principles.

Stakeholder-Centered Coaching® for Successful Leaders

Courtesy: Marshall Goldsmith Library

Stakeholder Centered Coaching® is based upon Marshall Goldsmith’s world recognized philosophy and methodologies. This process “guarantees improvement” of key leadership goals as evaluated by pre-selected stakeholders.

The distinctive approach to our coaching process is built around the belief paradigms of successful people and how these beliefs can both help and hinder improvement. Our leadership development process is tailored to take advantage of the positive aspect of successful people’s beliefs in overcoming other aspects that can interfere with their improvement.

The Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process is based upon three key principles:

  1. Place attention and focus on the stakeholders of the person being coached: the major attention is on the Stakeholders who are affected by the behavior the leader is attempting to change.
  2. Emphasize feedforward: the future oriented suggestions for improvement.
  3. Change behavior and perception in parallel: it is not only necessary for a leader to change; it is also necessary for those people around the leader to “see” the change and believe the leader will not regress

A leader who is willing to follow this methodology will need to have enough courage, humility, and discipline to succeed.