Follow the Rules at Your Own Peril

“No artist tolerates reality.”-FREDRIK NIETZSCHE

In professional tennis, prior to the match, the referee brings both players to the net for a coin flip to see who will serve and receive.

Historically, both athletes would stand idly, perhaps shaking out a foot or two to align the butterflies toward success.

Not Rafael Nadal.

When Nadal came on the scene, he looked like a prizefighter. Hopping in place through the umpire’s ritual, then sprinting to the baseline at conclusion.

Nadal’s energy was palpable. It was different. Most importantly, it worked for him.

You don’t create greatness by doing what’s always been done.

Federer and Djokovic also blazed their own trails as history-makers. Federer for his classic all-court style and humility, Djokovic for his contrarian mindset and stamina.

What about you?

Are you playing your own game or are you singing someone else’s tune?

“Skill is just one way to stand out in a crowd,” says action sports photographer Chase Jarvis in his book Creative Calling.

No one would argue with the talent displayed over time by Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic.

What makes each of them special is that they continue to forge their own realities.

You can do the same by shifting your mindset.

3 Keys to Blazing Your Own Trail
  1. Make “Think Different’ your credo rather than following the herd.
  2. Pursue your values, not someone else’s.
  3. Work on projects that get you truly excited versus those you feel are expected of you.

Playing your own game leads to progressing so much faster than you ever imagined.

You will achieve your goals ahead of schedule, creating a new reality.

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7-time NCAA championship coach and entrepreneur René Vidal helps leaders and organizations turn adversity into competitive advantage.