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How to Lead with Bobby Bayliss

Bobby Bayliss, Coffee with Coaches™, Leadership

In this episode of Coffee with Coaches™, Notre Dame legendary coach Bobby Bayliss shares his thoughts on leadership.

“Leadership is the ability to get others to do what you want them to do.”

You’ll learn:

  • A core strategy for getting to know your team members
  • How to choose leaders within your team
  • Why you should save profanity for special occasions
  • The value of praising people in public
  • Why respect is more important than being liked and more…

René Vidal is the most successful coach in McKendree Tennis history. In 2022, René led the men’s team to its 1st-ever GLVC Championship, best-ever 21-3 record, and best-ever Top 25 ITA ranking. When tennis-playing CEOs began asking René for coaching advice, he decided to launch VIDAL., a leadership development company helping organizations create excellence.

To check René’s speaking and coaching availability, email: [email protected].


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