Leadership Development

The best coaches make teams great. How do your people achieve excellence when you’re not around?

René Vidal, Uníque Capacíty founder and six-time NCAA championship tennis coach

Lead Like a Coach™ Workshop: Leveraging High-Performance Teams to Excellence

Teaching executives at Boy Scouts of America

Today, most leaders are being forced to get more done with fewer resources. The demands on their own time, and the time of those they lead, is increasing. One of the leader’s main roles is to get others to perform at ever-higher levels of performance. The role of a coach has always been to get the best out of others — whether on stage, on the tennis court or playing field, or in business. Speeding up the learning curve and turning that learning into productive behavior is why possessing coaching skills is so important to leaders.

The Lead Like A Coach™ workshop provides a comprehensive curriculum and process to help managers become skilled in behavioral coaching techniques to assist others in their organization become more successful. This process is built around seven coaching skills that are practiced through customized real world problems faced by the managers’ organization. The half- or one-day workshop ensures that leaders learn by doing. There is no success without action.

The Principles that form the foundation for the coach’s work are:

  1. Place attention on the Stakeholders: the center of attention here is not the manager; it is not even the person being coached. The major attention is on the Stakeholders who are affected by the behavior undergoing change
  2. Emphasize Feedforward: these are future oriented suggestions for improvement
  3. Change behavior and perception in parallel: it is not only necessary for a leader to change; it is also necessary for those people around the leader to “see” the change and believe the leader will not regress

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • How the belief set of successful people both helps & hinders improvement
  • The 7 Coaching Skills that facilitate positive behavioral change
  • Coaching the 7-Step Encouraging Development process
  • Importance of being a personal example of the 7-Step Process
  • Understanding the principles that underlie true “results-based” coaching

Investment Range: $5,000-$10,000