We develop managers into great coaches.

René Vidal, Uníque Capacíty founder and six-time NCAA championship tennis coach


We believe that every human being has the uníque capacíty to do one thing that’s best in the world. Our purpose is to empower leaders and organizations worldwide to leverage their greatest talent and do meaningful work in the world.


We believe in and stand for having a M.A.P for Change.

  1. Motivation – desire for change.
  2. Action – move to change.
  3. Performance – change is achieved.


We serve companies and teams who want to:

  1. Leverage their Greatest Talent
  2. Develop a Coaching Culture
  3. Create Extraordinary Value in People’s Lives

Executive Coaching Process

What makes our executive coaching process different and better than any other service on the market is our:

  • Stakeholder Centered System – relevant Stakeholders are recruited and used to help the Leader achieve a positive long-term change in leadership behavior.
  • Understanding of How Successful People Think – we capitalize on the positive beliefs that Leaders have; and manage the negative downside of these beliefs.
  • Feed Forward Approach – a systematic discipline where suggestions are provided for what a Leader can choose to do in the future.