"The corporate community is not just open to meditation, they're desperate for it."--Nadene Cherry

"Live life with a loose grip."--Nadene Cherry | Down 40 Love Podcast with René Vidal

Corporate Mindfulness Speaker Nadene Cherry on Dealing With Your Inner Critic | Down 40 Love Podcast


NYT & WSJ Bestselling Author Shep Hyken on Treating Every Point By Itself | Down 40 Love Podcast

Customer Experience Expert Shep Hyken on Building Emotional Connections | Down 40 Love Podcast

How to Generate Referral Business with Shep Hyken, CX Expert & NYT Bestselling Author

Coach Paul Torricelli

"Down 40 Love is an opportunity to go make a story."--Paul Torricelli, Northwestern University

Northwestern Coach Paul Torricelli on BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS | Down 40 Love Podcast

"Nothing is worse than getting a vague message."--Paul Torricelli, ITA Hall of Fame Coach

John Butler

"You always have to be innovative."--John Butler, President @ BTLR Consulting | Down 40 Love Podcast

Sports Marketing Expert John Butler on How to Elevate Tennis to New Heights | Down 40 Love Podcast

Adam Steinberg

National Championship Coach Adam Steinberg on Empowering Greatness | Down 40 Love Podcast

"Down 40 Love is an opportunity to show your character and fight back."--Adam Steinberg, Head Coach

Andy Brandi

3-time NCAA National Championship Coach Andy Brandi on how to work with adversity

"Work and dedication creates opportunities."--Andy Brandi, University of Florida Athletics HOF Coach

Lisa Nichols

"Down 40 Love is all about your perspective."--Lisa Nichols, CEO at Technology Partners

"Leadership is about helping people be their best selves."--Lisa Nichols, CEO at Technology Partners

"Faith is the foundation of who I am."--Lisa Nichols, Podcast Host "Something Extra"

Hawk Koch

"Prepare to win and be decisive."--Hawk Koch, American Film Producer

Hawk on Fearless Leadership

Hawk on Preparation

Tim Russell

"Down 40 love is a peak performance opportunity."--Tim Russell, CEO at ITA

Dr. Jim Loehr

The Secret to Coaching

"Great coaches care about their players."--Dr. Jim Loehr, author of The Power of Full Engagement

The Power of Energy

Go Against the Grain

How Health Ignites Performance

Michael Staenberg

"If you're a leader, you can't panic."--Michael Staenberg, The Staenberg Group

"You're only as good as your team."--Michael Staenberg, The Staenberg Group

"Do the toughest tasks first."--Michael Staenberg, The Staenberg Group

Staenberg on Mentorship

Staenberg on How to Exceed Expectations

Staenberg on Success and Failure

Staenberg on Doing the Right Thing

Jason Harris

CEO Jason Harris on The Power of Generosity

"Success is all about generosity."--Jason Harris, Mekanism CEO and bestselling author

Thomas Curran

Strategies to Beat Perfectionism

Greg Patton

The. Power of Mentors

The Power of Mindfulness

How to Embrace Adversity