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“You were born to turn setbacks into bouncebacks. In Down 40 Love, I share my winning playbook for building resilience and becoming the best version of yourself.”
René Vidal

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Nadene Cherry

Corporate Meditation Leader

“After reading just a few pages of this wisdom-packed, digestible book, I was instantly INSPIRED!”

Bobby Bayliss

Notre Dame Coaching Legend

“Down 40 Love is an extraordinary guide to enhancing your life skills, couched in a tennis vocabulary.”

Subash Paramisivan

NCAA 2022 GLVC Champion

“Coach Vidal’s championship wisdom, honed from personal experience, translates into actionable strategies.”

Down 40 Love Podcast

"Live life with a loose grip."--Nadene Cherry | Down 40 Love Podcast with René Vidal

NYT & WSJ Bestselling Author Shep Hyken on Treating Every Point By Itself | Down 40 Love Podcast

"Down 40 Love is an opportunity to go make a story."--Paul Torricelli, Northwestern University

"Down 40 Love is all about your perspective."--Lisa Nichols, CEO at Technology Partners

"Down 40 love is a peak performance opportunity."--Tim Russell, CEO at ITA

"You're only as good as your team."--Michael Staenberg, The Staenberg Group


RENÉ VIDAL is a 7-time NCAA championship coach and nationally recognized leadership speaker with an extensive track record of empowering greatness in teams, companies, and organizations worldwide.

Known for his dynamic and enthusiastic presentation style, Coach Vidal has delivered speeches at numerous conferences, association events, and corporations such as State Farm, World Financial Group, and the Boy Scouts of America.

Coach Vidal is the author of 5 top-selling books, including “Execute to Win: How Leaders Get Results,” and “Down 40 Love: Private Lessons on Turning Adversity into Competitive Advantage.”

As host of the Down 40 Love Podcast, Coach Vidal speaks with bold leaders across industries as they share strategies for turning adversity into competitive advantage.