How to Cultivate Mindfulness in the Workplace with Authenticity Expert Nadene Cherry


Nadene Cherry is a corporate meditation leader and mindfulness speaker. When Nadene’s technology sales business doubled in 2008, one year after practicing meditation, she knew it was time to share this practice with the greater business community.

As the positive impact spread, more companies like Cisco, Salesforce, and Accenture asked Nadene to host workshops and work with their teams.

Nadene’s Highlight Reel:

“I gave meditation a try because I was so lost. I wanted to feel more present in my life. I wanted to feel like I was occupying and taking agency over my thoughts and my experience.” “My sales at work doubles the same exact year that I started practicing meditation. I went on to win the top President Achievement Award four times at my company out of thousands of sellers.” “When I started meditating with a group, it completely changed the experience. You feel a shared connection and support amongst the group.” “Your inner peace, top performance, and most authentic self is on the other side of becoming still and taking a pause.” 

Key Points and Takeaways:

  •  Mindfulness is living and knowing that you’re living—it’s awareness.
  • You can incorporate mindfulness anytime, anywhere.
  • When we practice meditation, we’re able to observe our thoughts without becoming them.
  • Being mindful can create stronger resilience. We’re not held back by our limiting beliefs. We don’t believe all of our thoughts.
  • When you meditate, you reconnect with your most authentic self.
  • When you’re authentic at work, you attract people, opportunities, and business.
  • People want to be around real people.
  • Group meditation brings out the authentic gifts of people and gets different parts of the organization talking to each other as human beings.
  • Compassion is our ability to be with our feelings of inadequacy in way that cultivates patience and understanding.
  • If you live life with a tight grip, you’re attached. If you live life with a loose grip and you’re not as attached, you can still have the vision.

Nadene’s Mindfulness Exercise:

Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 your level of calm multiple times throughout the day. What number are you at this moment?

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